Tiger Moth is launchedFrom Ireland (or EU) - copies can be purchased directly from Turas Press  or order through your local bookshop.

From the UK - copies can  be purchased from The London Review Bookshop, or if you prefer, contact me directly:  

 The Spanish-Italian Border can be purchased from Arc Publications here:  or ordered through your local bookshop.

My latest pamphlet Mock-Orange, published by the wonderful Rack Press, can be purchased here:   Seán Hewitt in the Irish Times said:  "These unsettling, dark lyrics have a wonderful verbal energy; a mythic imagination."

I am proud of this pamphlet which is part of the Clutag Press Five Poems series.  It can be purchased here:

Dream Endings, Rack Press - Winner of Michael Marks Award 2012 

Dream Endings begins with a glimpse of the poet's dying sister and concludes in high style with an unusually exuberant funeral. In between, Roisin Tierney assembles a cast of rare misfits and eccentrics in order to explore the interconnected themes of illness, madness, incest and death. Her vision is at all times tender and non-judgmental, and her language remarkable both for the limpidity of its surface and the depths it allows us to apprehend. £4

The Art Of Wiring, Ondt & Gracehoper

Poems by Simon Barraclough, Isobel Dixon, Luke Heeley, Christopher Reid, Liane Strauss, and Roisin Tierney. £8

Ask For It By Name, Unfold Press

Poems by Simon Barraclough, Olivia Cole, Isobel Dixon, Luke Heeley, Liane Strauss and Roisin Tierney. Design by Lynn Stewart. "A well-stocked anthology of fresh produce from six prize-winning poets. Behind the bottles and the butter you'll find Mussolini cheating on the tennis court and meet the shark from Jaws in a Yorkshire millpond; glimpse the love of woman for orang-utan and make it across the Spanish-Italian border; spy on the hobbies of cowboys and drink deep of the Molotov cocktail of love..." £5/€7,00


Poems by Simon Barraclough, Helen Clare, Andrew Dilger, Isobel Dixon and Roisin Tierney. Design by Lynne Stuart. £5

Gobby Deegan’s Riposte, Donut Press

Poems by Edward Barker, Susan Grindley, Valerie Josephs, Barbara Marsh, Graham Mummery, Daljit Nagra, John Stammers, Roisin Tierney, Sinead Wilson.